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Film Restored

Since 2015, the Film Restored festival has been dedicated to film heritage in the digital age. Digital restorations experience their premieres here, filmmakers and restorers report on practical aspects of digital film processing and experts discuss political and aesthetic questions that play a role in the context of digitisation measures.

Under the title "For Real?!", the seventh edition of the festival is dedicated to the many levels of the documentary in film history, whether aesthetic, political or technical.

The question of authenticity and truth claims runs through many of the presentations. Even or especially in a genre like nature films, the question arises: Isn't the representation of nature always ideologically overformed? This is especially true of the German "culture films", which were supposed to bring "distant countries and civilisations" closer to the audience. Films commissioned by governments, institutions or companies are usually far removed from the pure informational content they propagate. At the same time, beyond their educational or sometimes even propagandistic purpose, these works have layers of meaning that are not intended, especially when the films have survived in archives and have become documents of past ways of life and social conditions.

The festival will present some films in new restorations that illustrate the aesthetic diversity of the documentary form. The film programme will be complemented by workshop reports, lectures and panel discussions that will be streamed live at www.film-restored.de and will remain available for viewing for 14 days. A selection of festival films and a bonus programme will also be available online for registered users from 21 September to 5 October.

The Film Restored film heritage festival is an event organised by the Deutsche Kinemathek for the association of cinematheques.

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